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Balls for Kids Yoga Balls

A huge, bouncing yoga ball is definitely your way to toned abs and improved balance. But yoga balls, especially the bright, cuddly and fluffier versions work just as well, and in some cases even better, for kids.

Explore how more and regular activity will lead to greater stillness, enhanced fitness, and better concentration while working with a yoga ball.

Yoga Ball Benefits:

The regular use of the ball enhances overall muscle tone. Since the children are focused on managing it, they are barely conscious of the impacts it has on evolving their muscles. Yet balance, healthy posture, cardiovascular health, agility and core stability are all benefits that a child can draw through the additional low-impact exercises,which occurs naturally while playing with a Yoga Balls For Kids

Just while maintaining equilibrium, core muscles are worked continuously—toning those deep abdominal and back muscles which support the spine and drive the arm, leg, and torso— all highly important for everyday functioning.

Finding the right fit:

It is important to find the right size of yoga balls for your petite yogis to draw necessary benefits. 

 Start by making your kid sit comfortably and securely on the ball— ensure her feet are flat on the floor, and her knee joints should make an exact 90-degree angle.

Yoga Balls For Kids are available in the range of 45 cm to 65 cm. Children's ball circumference measurements are smaller, so aim for 45 cm for 5-8 year-olds.

 Working with the ball:

  • Focus on poses that include the ball to diversify your child's yoga session. 
  • Teach the young ones with care and tutor them correct usage to reduce the risk of mishaps. 
  • Always use the right size ball. 
  • Allow them to take time to stabilise before your child steps into each pose. 
  • Go slowly, holding at least one safe point of contact to the ball, to avoid falling or slipping backwards. 

We recommend the use of fluffy versions of Yoga Balls For Kids to take off the possibility of slipping issues. Besides, the bright colours and fun characters on these perfect sensory balls help keep your child's attention locked. To know more, visit us now at


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