1 Fuzzbudd cover (Plush Cover, 100% polyester) 1 Stabiltiy Ball: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
1 Foot Pump
1 Ball Plug


1. Locate the zipper on your Fuzzbudd plush cover and unzip. 2. Pull the plug out of the valve on the stability ball.
3. Insert deflated ball into the Fuzzbudd Cover. Make sure to position the valve near the opening of zipper so you can zip it closed easily.

4. Insert the tip of the air pump hose into the valve.
5. Push on the air pump repeatedly until the Ball is inflated to the fill out the cover. The ball should be firm. You can use the small compressors that come with inflatable mattresses if you chose. But do not over-inflate the ball. Industrial compressors are not recommended.

6. Remove the hose from the valve and reinsert the plug immediately, sealing in the air.

7. Close the zipper.
The ball needs 24 hours to stretch so after 24 hours inflate more to fully expand the ball.

9. Have fun with your new buddy.


To know that you have the appropriate size for your child’s height, follow the size chart on the packaging. When using the ball as a stabilty chair, a persons thighs should be parallel to the floor and knees at no less than 90 degrees (or a bit more) when sitting on their Fuzzbudd ball.


1. Locate the zipper on the back of the Fuzzbudd and unzip.

  1. Locate the plug and valve and remove the plug. If needed, we

    recommend using a spoon to help pull out the plug. DO NOT

    use a sharp instrument to remove the plug.

  2. Remove the plug and squeeze or sit on the ball to help let the

    air out until it is deflated.

  3. Remove the ball from the cover.


1. Wash the cover with the FUZZ ON THE OUTSIDE in cold water. Tumble dry on medium or low heat.

  1. Do not bleach, iron or dry clean the cover.

  2. Clean the Exercise Ball with a damp cloth and mild dishwashing

    soap. Then, rinse the Exercise Ball with clean water and towel dry it completely.


The manufacturer and its distributors assume no liability or responsibility for accidents or injury to persons or property that might result in connection with the use of Fuzzbudds.

Please do not use Fuzzbudd on a slippery surface.

Bodily injury may result if inflation and deflation instructions are not carefully followed. Stability balls MAY BURST from excessive weight or improper handling.

The material in this product is flammable. Keep away from fireplaces or anyother open flame.

Keep ball away from heaters, heat sources and prolonged sun exposure.

This ball is not recommended for use for pregnant women. If you feel any pain or experience dizziness while using the

FUZZBUDD you should stop immediately.

The 35cm & 45cm balls are Burst Resistant up to 220lbs. The 55cm balls are Burst Resistant up to 250lbs.
The 65cm balls are burst resistant up to 440 lbs.

Keep the ball away from any sharp objects. Remove all sharp objects from your body (rings, watches, etc.), clothing with pins, buckles, belts, and pocket contents such as keys, pens, pencils, etc., that could potentially puncture the ball during use or when stored.

Make sure you have adequate clearance in the area around the ball where you are using it. It should be a clean, level, non-slip, solid surface.

Before each use inspect the ball for any damage, worn spots, cracks or foreign objects that might harm the surface.

If there is any sign of damage, DO NOT attempt to use the ball. Inflate the ball only as described above. Improper inflation may

cause damage to the ball.

Make sure the valve plug is fully inserted to seal the valve closed.

Mount, dismount and change position on your ball slowly. Due to the round ball shape it could roll out from under the user with quick movements and possibly result in injury to the user.

Do no jump on to or off of the Fuzzbudd as it could result in injury.

Do not stand on a Fuzzbudd as it could result in injury. Do not throw it at anyone’s head.

Be aware that animals are the leading cause of stability ball damage.