About Us

Fuzzbudds was created by two families spitballing a fun toy idea. It was at a backyard BBQ in California, kids were playing and running around. The idea of a soft, fuzzy ball seemed like a good idea because it wouldn’t hurt kids if it was bouncing around (like other balls can). The fuzziness seemed like a unique element to make it cuddly yet active. After searching, there was nothing like this available. Then we needed a name so we told our kids to brainstorm ideas and one of the ones they cam back with was "Fuzzbudds." We loved it and Fuzzbudds were born. When the first samples arrived, we were pleased to show the kids that you can actually pursue your dreams. Our wives liked that they were so easy to machine wash even after rolling around in grass or dirt. Friends and family of different ages loved playing with the prototypes and we knew we were on to something. Making them available to you and your children is the fruition of this dream.